Where there’s an excuse, there is a lesson.

Recently the PunchStick team adopted a new mantra. NO EXCUSES. We put ourselves through the kind of core-value-mission statement-branding-exercise we subject our clients to. Then we moved on to the “what’s standing in the way of unbridled success?” portion of the program. We were able to identify some pretty specific factors and articulate our challenges, but what we were really successful at was labeling excuses as excuses.

We are champions of the work-around when it comes to getting things done for our clients. We don’t let time, money or resource issues get in the way of our promises to others. So why do we tolerate less than that when it comes to our own projects? Sound familiar?

It’s the hallmark of a heart-centered company to put the clients’ needs first But as we’ve learned from a generation of over-extended supermoms, not taking care of yourself doesn’t serve your charges well. So what to do? Listen for the cue. Every time you start a sentence with “I can’t because…” change it to ”I can’t UNTIL…” then you are in active mode, not waiting , or heaven forbid, whining mode. When you say “I didn’t get that done because” that’s your cue to say “what I learned was to get that done I must…..” or “what I learned is that next time I should….”.

When you take Cue from your exCUsEs what are you left with?…SEX! That’s got to be a good sign, right? Now I probably don’t have to remind you to keep sex top-of-mind, but just in case you need a mnemonic device here ya go….

Cut Useless Explanations

See Exponential EXcellence

So go ahead think about sex all day.

NO EXCUSES. That’s a mantra with sex appeal.