"I'll let the racket do the talking"

- John McEnroe


It’s okay to read this because it’s not your usual agency rhetoric. It’s just good old-fashioned ethics. Things that we believe make a difference. We’re not saying rhetoric is a bad thing, we just think a web page of psychological babble designed to hypnotize you into choosing them is a waste of your time. Plus we would have to trust that your computer speakers were on to add that finger snap! needed to free you from your hypnotic state.​

Ads Are Stupid

Ads that try to sell you something rarely succeed. Audiences don’t want to be sold. They sniff out a pitch and run for the hills. They value time more than money… so before a consumer gives you their money, they must first give you their time. Earn their trust, or save them time and their wallets will open. The big mistake marketers make is when the message they tell is bigger than the idea. The laws of the universe will always expose an over-sized message as hype. Make a claim that you can back, to a consumer in need, and your idea will squash a big budget every time.

We Believe in Wedding Vows

Till death do us part. We are looking for relationships, not clients. If you believe in what we believe we can prosper together. Our whole financial model is built around us being accountable to your growth long term. If you are looking for a company to do a one-time launch… you would be better served by a more short-sighted agency. We’re sure they will do a great job pumping up a buzz. We understand that a buzz never lasts long term so you have to keep investing in new ones. Just ask any drug addict.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

We only work with companies that are trying to serve the marketplace from the heart. If your product or service fills a need, we can help you sell it.

Champions Rarely Play It Safe

If your ad is not getting complaints, it’s not working. The potential of an ad to appeal cannot exceed its potential to offend. There are 4 different personas and the degree to which you are one, you are proportionately not another. Write an ad to appeal to all 4 and no one will listen. Write an ad to two and fifty percent will love you, the other half will wait for an ad they like.

Hard Headed

We sometimes have a strong opinion about the way it ought to be. However, it will never be based solely on emotion. Often, we creative types take it personally when someone disagrees with us or does not like an ad we wrote. We don’t care about that. We care about your growth. If you have a better idea, bring it on, but be prepared to explain psychologically why you think it will work. We are not yes people. We will let you know when we think you’re right, and at times we’ll probably disagree. Rest assured we are big enough to admit our mistakes. Would you want it any other way?


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