We could show you examples of all the beautiful display ads, web sites and TV commercials our people have done. We can also link audio files to dozens of radio ads, but not yet. The worst thing we can do to you is plant a seed in your mind of what your ads will look like before we even get to see your business.

Most ad agencies like to show samples of their prettiest work. We prefer to share some of the results we have achieved. After all, isn’t that what counts?

In a lot of cases we are the first agency a business has worked with, so any advertising would be an improvement. In our favorite cases, we were hired to replace another agency. When this happens the difference is obvious. Here are some examples.

  • In Sacramento we replaced a “pretty” newspaper ad with one that was still attractive, but most people would consider it heavy on the copy, we used a lot of words. The result was a 52% increase in responses. We know it was not timing, because the business owner switched back to his old ad, without our knowledge, to test it. He switched back to ours the next week.
  • In Las Vegas we wrote and designed a postcard for a client that swore that direct mail did not work. We explained that it was not direct mail that didn’t work, it was his poorly written postcard that sucked. After two weeks and two mailings, he asked us to not drop another mailing until he could catch up with all the calls he received.
  •  In Portland we wrote a radio campaign that overwhelmed the call center. What was most exciting was that their previous ads included a discounted offer of some sort. Our ads just talked about what the business did differently.
  • In Seattle we negotiated a radio buy that was only 40% of what others were able to do.
  • In Boise we more than doubled the number of radio spots in the same day part, on the same station their previous agency negotiated for less money. They got 250% more airtime for 10% less money.
  • In Sacramento we renegotiated radio rates and got our client 83% more airtime for 26% less money.
  • In Los Angeles we bought space in the LA Times for 62% less than the client was paying before.

There are other success stories, but these are some of my favorites. They illustrate how we are motivated to help you grow your business and improve your bottom line.

If you really want to see some examples of our work please contact us and we will be glad to show off some of our work.