Advertising is a better investment than the stock market and I can prove it.

A great decade for US stocks was from 1990 to 1999. The average return was 18%. Using just my clients as a test group, the average return on money invested is 33%. That’s almost twice the return from the stock market.

So why aren’t more people advertising? It’s because they tried it and it didn’t work. Well, that’s the most common response. So they sit by patiently waiting for that next customer.

What they tried was a bad ad and most likely a bad media buy. Like the hundreds of thousands of people who lost money in the stock market and say “it’s to risky… you can’t make money there.” There are hundreds of thousands of business owners who have bought a billboard, radio time, newspaper ads or even a TV commercial that did not work and say “Radio… I tried that… It didn’t work.” Or “Don’t waste your money on billboards… I learned that the hard way.”

Investors blame the market and business owner blame there media while it should be the stocks and ads that need scrutiny.

Armatures investors should not pick stocks and business owners should not write ads.

So where do you go? Stock brokers make money every time you buy or sell a stock. Ad agencies make money every time you run an ad. They win even when you lose.

There are some professionals that will hold themselves accountable. I recommend you find one of each. I know a good ad guy. For a good stock guy… you are on your own.