Customer Service is an Attitude

Customer Service is an Attitude

The Hampton Inn is my preferred hotel during my travels. You can find one in most every community and they have a couple of things I really appreciate. One, they have a card that indicates what channel is what on the TV and two; they provide a lap tray that I can set my lap top on while sitting on the couch or bed. They are simple things, but it really makes a difference in my travels. I also love the beds and pillows.

But not all Hampton Inns are the same. Management makes a difference. In one city I frequent a lot the manager greets me like an old friend. “How you doin’ Mr. Gruba?”with a thick southern accent. Not only do I know his name, Anthony, I also remember the manager before him, Angel. The impression from my first visit to the Hampton Inn in Irondale Alabama was one of delight and in three years, they have not let me down.

Up the road a couple of hours at another Hampton Inn, I am not treated poorly; instead I am treated like every other first time visitor. But I am not a first time visitor. I have been staying at the Hampton Inn in Guntersville Alabama two nights a month for 3 years!

Just recently I was sent an email asking about my recent stay. I was honest and the management said they should try to be more welcoming to the regulars. Whether they will or not I have yet to see, but I am impressed that they are going to try.

What if they would have sent out a survey with every visit or one in 4 visits? Maybe they could have started working on it 2 ½ years ago?

The reason one hotel is superior to the other in customer service is an attitude. The staff in one appears to like their job and the staff in the other likes to have a job. There is a difference. If you like to have a job, you will do what is told of you and you will do it well. If you like what you do, you can be great at it.

Customer service is more important to your marketing campaign than any media could ever be. Your best spent marketing dollars should be on the customers you already have. Make them happy then spend advertising dollars to spread the word.

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